Staff Augmentation


Staff Augmentation

Accelerate your Roadmap while Keeping Costs Low.

Our Cost-Effective Nearshore Software Engineers are here to help your business boom.


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Expand your Engineering Efforts with Ease

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is your direct link to hiring cost-effective, nearshore developers who seamlessly join your engineering teams remotely. This service allows you to effortlessly expand your team with the exact talent you need, precisely when you need it. Whether you're tackling a short-term project or building long-term solutions, our staff augmentation gives you the flexibility to scale up or down without the hassle of traditional hiring. Benefit from a curated pool of nearshore professionals who align with your time zone, ensuring smooth collaboration and communication, all while driving your projects forward efficiently and keeping your costs in check.

A Spectrum of Benefits

The Advantages of Staff Augmentation


Instantly Bridge Skill Gaps

Bridge the knowledge gaps in your team immediately by tapping into our pool of pre-vetted pros who can quickly integrate on to your team and bring their expertise to your projects.


Accelerate Your Roadmap

Speed up your development cycles and get your products to market quicker by bringing on experienced professionals at a reduced cost. The added manpower can you help you to tackle more initiatives simultaneously, ensuring your milestones and goals are met.


Maximize Cost Efficiency

Remove the costs associated with recruiting, onboarding, and maintaining full-time employees. Pay only for the expertise you need, when you need it.


Scale Your Team Effortlessly

Scale your team up or down without the usual logistical headaches or long-term commitments. We allow you to respond with agility to opportunities and challenges in real-time.


Access Latin American Talent

Access a wide network of Latin American engineering talent who will work synchronously with your existing teams on their current schedule. Time difference challenges are a thing of the past.

Why Choose LoveYourDevTeam?

There are a lot of development agencies out there that offer Staff Augmentation. Why should you work with us?

We Offer

Unrivaled Support

Your dedicated Client Success Advocate will be there to support you every step of the way. Feedback, positive or negative, can will swiftly received and addressed by our team.

We Source the Best

Handpicked Talent

Our sourcing team is endlessly searching for the best developers in Latin America and asking them to apply. Once they do, they are put through a rigorous set of cultural and technical interviews to ensure they are the best fit for our clients.

We are Always

Dedicated to Improving

We provide our developers with a Developer Success Coaches who will meet with them on a weekly basis to relay feedback, help them set goals, and arm them with the resources and knowledge they need to continue growing.

We Have

Simple Pricing

Many Staff Augmentation companies tailor their pricing to the size of the client, forcing larger companies to pay much more for the same service. We offer very straightforward pricing for all of our clients. Scroll down to see it.

Simple Pricing

Affordable Engineers. No Compromises.

Junior Engineer

1-3 Years of Experience

$4500 / mo

Per Dev

  • Cost-Effective
  • Eager to Learn
  • Support for Seniors Devs
Mid-Level Engineer

3-6 Years of Experience

$6000 / mo

Per Dev

  • Cost-Value Balanced
  • Problem Solvers
  • Great Mentors
Senior Engineer

6+ Years of Experience

$7000 / mo

Per Dev

  • Expert-Level Skills
  • Complex Problem Solvers
  • Team Leaders

Need more than just Developers?

We understand that building a successful product requires a diverse set of skills. That's why we offer the option to build a complete cross-functional team that includes Product Managers, Quality Assurance Specialists, UX Designers, and Data Scientists. This holistic approach ensures that all aspects of your project are expertly handled.

We'll sweat the details, you build what matters.


Our Recruitment Team has a large pool of talent on stand-by, always ready for you to start interviewing and bringing on new talent.

Our Developer Success Coaches meet with each of our developers once per week to ensure that they have the resources and knowledge they need to help your business thrive. We help our developers to grow by giving them access to educational resources, helping them set goals, and helping them work through their toughest challenges.

Our Client Success Advocacy Team will meet with your engineering leadership regularly to collect feedback on our engineers and ensure you are receiving the best service possible.

We Make it Easy

Step 1

Chat with us.

Fill out a short form to give us some information about your engineering needs. We’ll then schedule a video call where we can go over your companies needs in more detail and put together a plan of action.

Step 2

Get connected with awesome developers.

After we meet, we’ll connect you with a set of pre-vetted developers that we think would be a great match for your team. At this point you are free to interview the developers as you’d like, or you can move on to the next step.



Step 3

Onboard your new team members.

Our developers will join your existing team and function just as any other remote team member would. The only difference is they’ll have extra support from their Developer Success Coach.

Step 4

Build something awesome!

With the extra fire-power from LoveYourDevTeam, you’ll be all set to crush your KPIs and deliver some incredible value to your customers.

Ready to Get Started?

Have a Peak at

Our Vetting Process

Rigorous Selection & Screening - Leveraging AI and sourcing tools, our team identifies elite developer talent from Latin America. Each candidate is thoroughly screened, assessing their qualifications, professional demeanor, and English proficiency to ensure clear, effective communication.

Focused Technical and Cultural Fit - We conduct detailed technical evaluations, including custom coding challenges to validate each developer's technical prowess and problem-solving skills. A crucial step in our process is ensuring cultural alignment through in-depth interviews, guaranteeing developers seamlessly integrate into your project's environment.

Optional Direct Interviews - After our comprehensive vetting, you have the option to conduct personal interviews your selected developers, offering an additional layer of confidence in your team composition. Alternatively, you can expedite team integration by relying on our expert judgment.



What kind of developers do you offer?

We hire developers of all kinds. If we don’t have any developers suitable for your specific needs currently available in our talent pool, our sourcing team will make it a top priority to find suitable candidates for you.

How much does it cost?

In most cases our pricing is very simple. For a Senior-Level Software engineer, we charge $7,000 USD/month. If the role you are looking to fill requires some specific or niche expertise, that price could potentially be higher. We always pay our developers fairly.

Who will these developers report to?

They’ll report to the manager of the team you put them on! That manager can rely on us to help grow the engineers capabilities, and they can also consult with your dedicated Client Success Advocate about any performance or HR related issues.

How can I end a contract with LoveYourDevTeam?

We bill for our services on the first of each month. If you would like to end your contract with LoveYourDevTeam, or a specific dev from us at anytime, we will allow you to. We ask for a 2 week notice from you as a courtesy, but it is not required as part of our contract. You will be refunded for the days of that month that you did not receive any services on.

Still have questions?

Let us help.

Talent is Distributed. Why Isn’t Your Engineering Team?

80% of software engineers are located outside of the US. The best developers on your team can come from anywhere.


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